About Two banks of Four


Two Banks of Four are Dilip Harris and Robert Gallagher. Erstwhile Senior Demus & Earl Zinger.

They both live in East London. But both have lived North, South & West of centre.

They both are involved in various musical projects. But in present climates things get narrower.

They have both been on walks around the capital to make recordings of trains,the river police,and people shouting.

Both have worn clarks. One is now in pursuit of a white 1940s loafer.

Only one rides a bike .

One shaves his head, the other gets his wife to do it.

One eats a good cold noodles for dinner, the other likes to reduce his sauce till ready.

They both have various names and have a record out. They both run a label called Red Egyptian Jazz.

Though neither make jazz music, one has a photograph of himself on top of a train in india as the sun is rising.