City Watching

City Watching

Re-issued P Vine Japan 2008
The Banks’ first Long player completed summer 1998 and sat around awaiting a release for nearly 2 years.
Japanese issues saw remixes of “Street Lullaby” & also the sultry “Homegirl” included on the release but below is the original tracklisting.

Dance album of the month in UK dadrock mag MOJO, they said of it
“Two banks of Four convey metropolitan anomie deliciously. A haunting record.”

Track Listing

1. Skylines over Rooftops
2. Theme de la Tete
3. Afro Blue
4. Time Flies
5. Erols Cafe
6. Last Dance
7. Speedys Auto Repair
8. Perilous Ways
9. Hook & a Line
10. Routemaster
11. Street Lullaby

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