City Watching remixes

City Watching remixes

A remix Lp that concealed some gems like Herberts free and grimy rendition of “Street Lullaby” - taking the track right to road, so to speak, almost like licking the tarmac - Anjalis angular and melodic rework of Them de la Tete and the urban waltz classic “Homegirl”.

Track Listing

1. Street Lullaby (Herberts Gutter Dub)
2. Time Flies (Ski remix)
3. Skylines over rooftops (MAAS from Soma remix)
4. Afro Blue (Derrick Carter remix)
5. Hook & a Line (Zed Bias remix)
6. Street Lullaby (Fourtet remix)
7. Last Dance (Attica Blues remix)
8. Skylines over rooftops (Nogis starch trousers mix)
9. Theme de la Tete (Anjali remix)
10. Movin
11. Homegirl

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