Junkyard Gods

Junkyard Gods

What you may or may not know.............

1.Jules Buckley from the Heritage orchestra arranged and conducted the wind orchestra on "wake me 5 30"
2.Pivots of the punk-jazz interface Nick Ramm and Tom Herbert play on "dead afternoons".
3.Finn Peters plays flute and other assorted instruments you can blow while in a washing up bowl.
4.Valerie Etienne sings on all songs but the duets "Shadowlands" and "Flags and Words" with Actons finest, Bembe Segue.
5."Flags and Words" was written with the cosmos channeled through Bembe Segue.
6.Robert Mitchell plays the solo on paper planes
7.Ski Oakenfull played many chords, at short notice, many times
8.Tom Skinner and Robin Mallarkey both stepped up to the plate.
9.For the time being both of 2bo4 are resident in East London.
10.Dont play lights on a satellite to get your children to sleep it has a dark section halfway through.
11. The Wire magazine called the album "Too mainstream" to review. . . . . Oh that we could break the mainstream


Track Listing

  1. Junkyard Gods
  2. Queen of Crows
  3. Go
  4. Shadowlands
  5. Dead Afternoons
  6. Flags and Words
  7. Wake me 5.30
  8. Paper Planes
  9. Lights on a Satellite

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